New PRE-STRESSED Concrete Boat Ramp System Virtually Eliminates Constant Problems Of Costly Maintenance!

An exciting new design and engineering technique combine to create a new type of boat ramp system. So unique is this system, the Office of Patents and Trademarks in Washington D.C. has granted a copyright and trademark to its developer, Randall Tedder of Ocala, Florida.

The success of the Tedder Boat Ramps System is measured by municipalities

  • In cost savings of tax payers' dollars
  • In quicker and safer launchings, by the department of Enviromental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers
  • An enviromentally acceptable and superior structural design accepted by all permitting agencies.
  • Tested & Approved since 1985 by municipalities throughout florida

We warrant our system for 5 years!


Tedder Boat Ramp Systems is Widely Used

The Tedder Boat Ramp System is a copyrighted/trademarked system designed to save money, time and have little to no envromental impact.

"Mr. Randall Tedder replaced two (2) existing boat launching facilities for Indian River County in 1999. One launching facility is located in a Public Park with 29 camp sites as well as having public access; the other launching facility is on the Indian River and receives a tremendous amount of launching traffic. Both launching facilities have performed flawlessly under extreme traffic conditions. Mr. Tedder has made yearly inspections and calls periodically to check on the launching facilities. Indian River County recommends the use of the Tedder Boat Ramp system for your boat launching facility needs."
--James E."Chip"Boyette, Engineering Technician Indian River County, FL

"In 1998, we added two ramp slips to the North Causeway Island boat ramp and in 2000 we had our slips at River Park Marina completely replaced. Both times using the pre-formed, pre-stressed ramp sections. Just wanted to let you know that we have had nothing but compliments concerning your product and work. The deep groves on the ramp and apron has provided for more traction and the length of the ramp allows for a decreased slow. Everything is working great.."
--Doug McLam, Project Manager West St. Lucie County, FL

"Randall G. Tedder Construction Company has installed nine pre-stress boat ramp systems for Marion County parks Department. The first pre-stress boat ramp system was installed in 1985 and to date has required little or no maintenance work. The pre-stress system has proven to be far superior than any other type of boat ramp system tried in the past. (Pre-cast or poured in place)."
--Don Hawkins, Park Supervisor Marion County, FL

"Mr. Tedder has been engaged by Marion County for several construction projects including installation of a number ofboat ramps and docking facilities. On each occasionthe county has been very satisfied with the results of the projects undertaken."
--Jim Lowry, Assitant County Administrator Marion County, FL

boat ramp


Standard Features

    Tedder Boat Ramp Systems includes signed and sealed drawings with each completed and installed system (As-Built drawings). No outside engineering firms are required for its design.
    The Tedder Boat ramp system requires no de-watering or coffer damming for the installation of its product.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp system is designed for power loading and heavy usage without fear of damage to the ramp. This sets our system apart from all others on the market.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System offers its standard non-slip (rake finish) for extra traction during launching and loading boats.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System can be installed, ready for use, within one week for new and replacement boat ramps. This installation represents normal installation conditions.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp system design meets or exceeds FDOT specifications for concrete mix and pre-stress design for salt-water intrusion and corrosive enviroments.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System design eliminates the cost of erosion control material required around the boat ramp, which is contrary to other designs and types of construction and installation of boat ramps.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System is the only boat ramp system that has been granted a federal copyright and trademark by the United States patent Office in Washington D.C. for its unique design.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System is the only system with a standard five-year warranty, to our knowledge.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System enables owners to use heavy equipment (track backhoes, front end loaders, etc) in the boat ramp areas for cleaning silt build up at the toe of the boat ramp without damage to the product. Although, we ask that you contact Tedder Boat Ramp Systems prior to using heavy equipment on the boat ramps in accordance with the warranty.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System is the most consistently used boat ramp design throughout the state of Florida by cities and counties at this time.
    The Tedder Boat Ramp System design has been accepted and approved by DEP, F.I.N.D. Organization, Florida Parks System, and Florida Fish and Game Commission, to name a few. In most cases, our system has been recommended to cities and counties by these state governmental agencies and other satisfied customers.
    Randall G. Tedder Construction, Inc. is the only authorized agent for Tedder Boat Ramp systems and is the only company, to our knowledge, that specializes in boat ramp consulting, design and installation at this time.


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Advantages of Installing the Tedder Boat Ramp System

  • No coffer damming required No de-watering required
  • No damage occurs to ramp by power-loading
  • Ready for use within 5-7 days(average time spent)
  • No damage due to heavy equipment use
  • Signed and sealed drawings provided with every installed system, eliminating costly engineering design that may not be suitable for area
  • Ideal for areas with heavy boat traffic
  • 6000 psi concrete and epoxy coated rebar prohibit corrosive intrusion
  • No expensive, continuous maintenance required
  • Unmatched 5 year warranty provided with each system
  • First system installed in 1985 with no expensive maintenance to date
  • The most consistently used "pre-stress" Boat Ramp system in the State of Florida to date